How I added 40sqm in extra space to my home and over €50k in value

Research by Lloyds TSB suggests a rise in vendors pulling their property off the market to spend money on improvements. “People are making the most of the space they have because of the costs of moving and a loft conversion can be an asset to a home,” says Peter Bolton Kin,  Global Residential Director at the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

And my case couldn’t reiterate this point more. I had my home on the market for nearly 10 months in 2012 with only a few viewings and one quite insulting offer! I was frantic, I needed to move. My kids stuff was taking over the house and working from home was proving impossible.

Then a good friend suggested that I work with the home I had and try to make it work for us. Our garden was too small to extend, I loved the convenience of having a garage for storing everything out of the way – so that only left the loft! There was no other option, we had to go up.

I set about contacting a number of Dublin attic conversions companies and was very happy to discover that a loft conversion can add 10% to a property’s value, even in property downturns.

We decided to create the attic space into a home office and guest bedroom with ensuite. And it’s been a godsend. The dining room table is finally a dining room table again and not a disorderly mess of files. Creating a guest room freed up the box room to be opened up so that we could add attic stairs and lots of built in storage.

So what do you need to know about developing your attic space?

Well firstly it’s getting easier to do so – for the majority of people you can now carry out loft conversions and extensions without having to obtain planning permission.

You might not need planning permission but you do need to be aware of building regulations and that’s where a lot of people have come unstuck when attempting to do a conversion without taking the appropriate advice or doing their homework.
According to many estate agents, when homeowners DIY without making the necessary checks, you can end up with just an expensive storage space rather than an extra bedroom. If a conversion doesn’t meet these building regulation criteria, then you can’t market it as an extra bedroom (only storage) and you won’t get the price you wanted for the property.

Other points to consider;

  • Headroom – the headroom in the existing loft should be between 7 and 8 feet, though obviously the more room the better.
  • Complexity – depending on your final design choice you may have to consult an architect or designer. For less complex loft conversions your builder will probably provide a plans drawing service.
  • Staircase – a staircase is an absolute must if planning to make your new room habitable. Often it may be necessary to sacrifice a portion of a second-floor room in order to accommodate a staircase to the loft.
  • Safety – when assessing the suitability of your roof space, bear in mind the need for escape windows in the loft and fire safety.
  • Planning – most loft conversions don’t need planning permission, but if your roof space is restricted then you will probably need to install a dormer, in which case planning permission will be needed. Also remember to take into account the building regulations and the Party Wall Act.
  • Plumbing – will your current central heating system be able to cope with the addition of heating into your roof space? Are you planning to put in an en-suite or W.C.

Apart from these basic considerations most loft conversions will be possible though it is obviously best to have your plans professionally drawn up to your own specifications. Attic conversion costs can vary hugely depending on a multitude of factors. I suggest inviting up to 3 teams of attic conversion experts to carry out an onsite inspection and to provide you with a detailed quote.


Health is an important aspect in life. Unfortunately at least everyone can be infected or affected by a medical condition. This is the time to seek help.  Home care services are indeed a better option for anyone who needs medical attention.  There are people who continuously need medical attention because of their inability to support themselves.

home help agencyAmong some of the roles given by the caregivers in these homes include; attending to people with specialised home care needs such as chronic conditions or disabilities as well as giving personal care.  These services are normally given when the personal caregiver is not able to help with the needs of the patient.  When choosing an ideal home care agency for your loved one, ensure that you have narrowed down the choice to an agency that has trained professionals who are fully competent in their duties. It is obvious that one will sought for the caregiver who is loving, caring and compassionate as these are the needed attributes when it comes to taking care of the sick.  It is therefore for you to meet the caregiver before any hiring so that you get to know more of her personality.

Most reputable home care agencies have good accreditation and will fully show the types of services they give. This agency should be fully registered, and this will boost your confidence.  It is important to go future and see if the agency handles other things such as compensation claims, taxes, among other factors. The ideal agencies should have insurance and this will protect the caregiver just incase anything happens. It’s vital to know whether these caregivers are part of their workers as this will give freedom and security to patients so as not to worry of taxes, insurance or any other extra liability . If you are looking for nursing jobs dublin why not contact today?

Could these foods be the magic ingredients to wiping away the years?

botox-dublinI’m always browsing the web, publications and studies for breakthrough news on anti ageing. And I’m not biased towards those that tend towards being more scientific, in fact I facour organic and natural approaches ahead of all others. And whilst I earn my living from more invasive anti ageing procedures and pide myself in offer the best botox in Dublin I love to be able to offer my patients free alternatives to maintain their good looks and benefit their health overall.

I recently came across this article on india dot com by nutritionist Suman Agarwal who lists her favourite anti ageing foods that will help you look beautiful and stay healthy. No need for any fillers and botox injections here!

  1. Youthful Yoghurt                                 
    Rich in proteins, calcium and vitamins, yoghurt tops the list of anti-ageing foods. It strengthens your muscles and bones, improves your immunity and helps to fight immune-related diseases. Yoghurt keeps your stomach happy and healthy as its rich in probiotics.
  1. Beautiful Berries
    Berries look delicious and beautiful and do the same thing to our body by giving us the required antioxidants and vitamin C. This helps in reducing the free radicals, prevent cell damage and reduce inflammation.
  2. Longevity leafy vegetables
    Studies have shown that green leafy vegetables increase our longevity as they are rich in beta carotenes, vitamins and fiber that are heart friendly and keep the blood pressure in control. It also helps in losing extra weight. do not forget to include spinach, kale, cabbage, broccoli in your day to day meal.  


  1. Crunchy nuts
    Nuts not only add texture to our foods but also give us the best unsaturated fats that we need to keep our skin healthy. They are rich in phyto-chemicals and vitamins, which helps slows down the process of ageing by preventing cell damage.


  1. Go ginger! Go garlic!
    These are used in minor quantities in our food but they play a major role in our life. Studies suggest that the component, allicin, present in them acts as anti-inflamatory. They also have anti-fungal properties. Garlic helps in lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and prevents cell degeneration.


  1. Amazing Avocado
    Avocadoes are rich in vitamin E, which helps in skin repair. It also helps in reducing blood pressure. They are rich in folate and hence help in preventing osteoporosis. Use avocado dip with a slice of bread or salad to get the benefit.


So get adding these wonderful ingredients to your home cooking, as delicious snacks or side dishes. I guarantee your skin will become more radient, your eyes brighter and your hair shinier all contributing to that elusive youthful glow. If all else fails why not visit our website at


The Changing Face of SEO

Wow lets hope 2014 doesn’t see as much turbulence in the world of SEO as 2013 did. What a shake up. I’ve witnessed many companies drop of the face of the search engines for SEO Dublin and many other major super important terms to the better than average joe ‘the internet marketer’ bloggs.

So what’s happening?  Is SEO dead?

search engine optimizationFar from it! I’ve described the ying, time to bring on the yang!! If you know what you’re doing, and if what you’re doing is top quality SEO then 2014 could be the year you really clean up. Not only is there major gaps in the market. There are also many hugely desperate businesses out there who are not just sore in the face after that slap from the big G but also sore in the wallet. Be their hero and charge for the privilege.

So here are my top SEO tips going forward;

– less is more, quality over quantity

– make sure you always stay in control

– embrace social

– be patient.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.